• Bus Panel Advertisement
  • Auto Panel Advertisement
  • Auto top Rexine Graphic Add
  • Moving Light Display Board
  • Vehicle Graphics
Bus panel advertisement

In a recent days this kind of advertisement become popular among Several of its kinds. By erecting the advertisement at the rear of the bus is called bus panel advertisements. The important feature in this advertisement is which attracts numerous publics according to the route of bus traveling.

Auto (3 wheeler) panel advertisement

As the name indicates the advertisement of your products will be erected at the rear of autos this is also reaching the customers effectively, when we compare with the bus panel advertisement this will reach hook and corner of the areas around the city.

Moving light display board

This kind of promotion is most effective than the above said panel Advertisements, in this promotion we used to fix the inner light board in a dedicated vehicle which will roam among various areas in the city. The route will be prescribed according to the requirements of the parties.


This is the new concept in printing field which is introduced first time in India. We proud to express that we are the first company this technology. In this printer we can print and cut it as we desired, which can be any of the size width should be not more than 60 inches and no limit for length.


It's a kind of display can be placed at any public area and dismountable with carry case. Its popular form of media which is portable in nature, readymade sizes is available. This is mostly used for exhibition, temporary displays at mass floating areas etc., following are the some of these kinds.

  • Rollup / Standees
  • Sandwich Board
  • Automatic Scrolling Displays
  • Tower Stand with Lightings
  • Table Top Displays
  • Laminated Graphical Displays

This is an effective medium of promotion made in 3/4 wheelers, advertisement at rear side of the bus, by placing the promo on top of the auto surface & at rear side on auto door, auto advertisements will be most economic to compare with other advertisements.

Another form of promotion is made by dedicated vehicle where light boards are fixed in and around the surfaces of the vehicles, Creating a display of products by graphical representation, printed by self adhesive vinyl & pasting the same at vehicles will observe massive attention of public.

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